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GoCambodia.com provides rich online resourceful and most updated information relevant to Cambodia, its people and the government. The information and any texts provided in the site include many topics about Cambodia and its culture, history, tourist information, laws, trade and investment opportunities, etc. In order to ensure the quality and satisfaction of customers, we strive to increasingly enhance and update the information as well as other useful resources regularly.

GoCambodia.com is a sister company of ABC Computer, which was started in 1992, then it was early days of Cambodia opening to the world. We have been serving the public for about 20 years and practically focus solely on Cambodia, which tells you a lot; from private individuals to business communities, from low to mid levels and to government leaders, from NGOs to international organizations, we are the finest informed and well integrated with.

GoCambodia.com is also a gateway to Cambodia, providing a one-stop site for most of your Cambodia' s needs. Whatever your need is; seeking the country relevant information or want to engage with the government, private individuals or businesses, GoCambodia most likely can help.

Moreover, GoCambodia.com provides an effective marketing tool for your business. Advertising with our site, is seen by millions of people all over the world, means triggering your business marketing. GoCambodia.com offers you great opportunity for advertising your business with our attractive rates.

GoCambodia as well offers .KH (Cambodia) Domain Registration, Company & Tax Registration with appropriate ministries and departments, Trademark Registration, Online Ordered Flower Delivery, Online Ordered Translation Services, Web Design, Web Hosting etc.

Furthermore, if you need assistance of services mentioned below, come and visit us, it is free consultation. Likewise, we are possibly able to connect you with individuals or entities that perhaps can land you solution.

  • Buying agricultural products in Cambodia
  • Looking for Ready Made Projects in Cambodia
  • Investment Opportunities in Cambodia
  • Make Cambodia Your Second Home
  • Searching for a partner or distributor in Cambodia
  • Importing Kampot Pepper, a certified GI (Geographic Identification)
  • Producing or buying Garments and Shoes from Cambodia
  • Need help getting a Permit to operate Casino, Telecom, Financial Institution, Commercial Bank etc.?
  • Looking for long-term land lease for agricultural plantation

A team at GoCambodia with diversified educational backgrounds and work experiences abroad and locally alike is an asset where you can hardly find in Cambodia to get your things done in a timely manner and competently. We believe in fair business practice and hard work for a return thus you can rest your trust on us.

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