Trademark Registration

Trademark Registration

Search, Registration & Fees

If you are interested in Searching, Registering your Trademark or Service Mark in Cambodia, GoCambodia will do its best to facilitate such services. It will take approximately 2 weeks for the Search Order while 3 months for Registration Order to be completed.  Should you order for a Registration, a certificate will be issued by the department of Intellectual Property Division in Ministry of Commerce, Kingdom of Cambodia and it will sent to you via Certified Mail.

To Order,

Trademark Search:
For the Order of Trademark Search, very basic information is needed from you, please follow step below. This is all to its order!

1. Download! Trademark Search Form (Word or PDF Fill-able), Fill it out, Save it in a folder where it is easily found. Open an eMail program and Attach this newly saved file and Send it to us at

2. Payment! $85 per class.  Please go to and pay us. Our PayPal acccount is 

Trademark Registration:

Documents we will need from you for a Trademark Registration are Trademark Registration Application Form, Power of Attorney and/or Deed of Substitution and 15 specimens (8cm x 8cm). Please follow steps below.

1. Download! Registration Application Forms (Word or PDF Fill-able), Power of Attorney (Word or PDF Fill-able) and/or Deed of Substitution (Word or PDF Fill-able). Then Fill them out as much as you can; Save them for future use; Print them on papers; Sign and/or stamp; Scan and Save them in easily found folder and finally Open an Email program and Attach these newly saved files and Send them to us

2. You also need to send us 15 specimens (8cm x 8cm) as well

3. Payment! $390 per class.  Please go to and pay us. Our PayPal acccount is

Once we receive needed documents and payment from you, we will start processing your application promptly and will update you the progress regularly.

Trademark Search
$85 per class, approximate 2 weeks
$80 for an additional class

Trademark Registration
$390 per class, approximate 3 months
$380 for an additional class

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