Need help launching your products or services

Need help launching your products or services

Cambodia has a population of roughly 15 millions people.  If this number is still small to you, think of Cambodia's widely accessible borders with Vietnam, Thailand and Laos for another  approximate 165 million.  This is giving you a combined population of nearly 200 million.  Hope you can do something for this number.  Furthermore trades among these four countries are going on 24x7 with all sorts of transportation; boat, truck, cart, air, hand-carry, etc.

What is more? Cambodia is receiving several millions tourists each year and the number keeps growing.  In case, if you want to focus your products/services to tourism industry.

Cambodia is also becoming an exporting country where you can use it as a base to export your products/services to the world.

Don't leave these opportunities left behind, vacancy is running out fast.

Market Testing:  For a fair cost, you can use our network, facility, personnel to test the market of your products/services for a period to see how it reacts.  During this testing, you can have your own representative participating with us or allow us to do on our own with your instruction.

If you have determined from market result that your products/services can be penetrated into Cambodian market, you have options to choose.  You either go alone independently with your own company, partner with an existing Cambodian companies or cooperating with GoCambodia.  This totals up to you.

GoCambodia can help any of them!

Please feel free to contact us if you have any question or suggestion.

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